Increase the B2B Click Rate 400% with Segmentation

Segmentation will significantly increase the effectiveness of your B2B eMail Marketing.

If you accurately identify and address the right value proposition for a target, you improve your chances of winning their business, as this example shows.

Without segmentation

ansaco segmentation diagram1

A normal email marketing campaign to all opt-in customers in a single database will typically get this sort of response:

Click rate: 3%
of successful deliveries

i.e. 30 Responses per 1.000 Contacts.

Using Segmentation

ansaco segmentation diagram2

Use the Pareto distribution to identify the characteristic that allows us to select the 20% of contacts that generate 80% of positive responses.

Each 20% segment gives:
0.8 x 3% click rate = 2.4%

= 24 clicks, per segment of 200 contacts

By using 5 segments of 20%, we maximise the potential for clicks:

5 segments x 2.4% =
a total click rate of 12%

= 120 responses

A 400% increase in the click rate.
Segmentation in practice
Here are Four simple steps to increase the Click Rate in B2B eMail Marketing:

•  Target
By selecting one or more characteristics for segmentation, you ensure that all the members of the target group have 'something in common'.

•  Customise
That 'something in common' then becomes the focus for the offer. You can now customise the body copy of your message.

•  Focus
Because the target group is clearly-defined , the result will be a proportionally higher response rate.

•  Up-lift
Because the message is customised to ensure high relevance, there will be an additional uplift in actual responses.

For an example of additional Uplift from relevant messaging, see the Case Study: Segmentation - Click-Through Rate up 900%

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