Increase B2B Click-Through Rate (CTR) 900% with Segmentation

If you use segmentation to improve the relevance of the messages in your B2B email marketing, you will significantly increase the Click-Through Rate (CTR), as this case study shows.

Without segmentation

ansaco segmentation diagram1

An internationally active B2B company sent an email marketing campaign to all opt-in customers in a single country.

The responses?

Open rate: 20%
of successful deliveries

Click-Through Rate (CTR): 2.4%
of successful deliveries

This is acceptable,
but nothing to get excited about.


ansaco segmentation diagram2

Analysis revealed the characteristic that identified where 80% of the positive responses came from ...


ansaco segmentation diagram3

Other country offices were invited to run the same eMailing using the selection criteria that had been identified .

The result?

Open rate: 40%
of successful deliveries

Click-Through Rate (CTR): 22%
of successful deliveries

900% increase in the Click-Through Rate (CTR).
Segmentation criteria
So, what was this characteristic that allowed us to select the 20% of the contacts that generated 80% of the positive responses?

Contact Behaviour

You can use this method with any B2B organisation, in any industry, in any country.

Relevance drives Responses

Yes, for your customers, too.

Find out how to make segmentation work for your company and significantly improve your Click-Through Rate.

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