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Why eMail Marketing is strategic for B2B organisations

eMail Marketing addresses strategic B2B issues

Whatever your industry sector, the central issues for effective B2B business development are:
  • getting in contact with new customers
  • maintaining effective communication with existing customers

Strategic thinking for B2B Marketing

The combination of eMail and the Internet gives B2B organisations unique opportunities for strategic marketing. No other customer communications medium offers all these characteristics:
  • short production cycles (days)
  • fast response cycles (hours)
  • low unit cost (cents per contact)
  • measurable results (actual customer behaviour)
  • customer insights (closed-loop feedback)
A closed-loop and fast feedback are the pre-conditions for creating a Learning Organisation.

Strategic action for B2B Marketing

Why be satisfied with using eMail Marketing for just low-cost customer communication?

By combining eMail with the Internet and applying them in a strategic manner, B2B organisations can address key business issues:
  • customer insights - accurately identify needs and desires
  • customer nurturing - the sales relationship continues, even between buying cycles
  • demand management - through all stages of the sales funnel
  • lead generation - mechanisms that can be automated
  • customer retention - reduce defection and increase loyalty

Knowledge Transfer from Ansaco

Ansaco has over 10 years experience in strategic eMail Marketing at both national and international level.

We have detailed knowledge of the B2B sales process and have worked with leading B2B organisations in several industry sectors. Most importantly, we will transfer our knowledge to your staff.

We will show your Marketing team how to:
  • implement eMail Marketing in a strategic manner
  • improve the accuracy of market segmentation
  • increase the relevance of communications and higher response rates
  • re-allocate your marketing resources more effectively
  • design and build automated processes that actively support complex sales

The bottom line: Ansaco can help you create a Learning Organisation

It's not just what we do, it's the way that we do it.

To find out more: Email Ansaco today or phone us on +49 (0)6221 6568 475.
Ansaco Profile
Ansaco supports Business-to-Business organisations with consulting, coaching, training and knowledge transfer in Online Marketing.

We can show your Marketers how to develop effective and automated processes for identifying and qualifying contacts; for demand and lead generation; and for improving the effective delivery of qualified leads to sales teams throughout the B-to-B selling cycle.

Our Principal Consultant, Andrew Sanderson, has over 20 years experience of:
• B-to-B and the complex sale
• Communications strategy
• Campaign design and roll-out
• Internal processes and optimisation
• the Head Office role
• Supporting subsidiaries

From our offices in Heidelberg (Baden-Wurttemburg), Germany, we support clients in Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland and other countries in Europe.

To find out how Ansaco's international expertise and consulting services can help your organisation, please contact us today by telephone: +49 (0)6221 6568 475 or email: