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Internet marketing specialist Andrew Sanderson

Your organisation can generate more revenue with Andrew Sanderson. As an internet marketing specialist, his experience and insights into strategic online marketing will boost your business development projects.

The time you invest with Ansaco repays itself many times over. Here’s why you should have this internet marketing specialist on your team:

Internet Marketing experience

  • My 30 years in B2B marketing covers the full spectrum of the customer life cycle: from market research and analysis, through product launches, demand management and lead generation, to customer retention measures.
  • With 25 years experience of working in the head offices of international organisations, I know the issues that surround the conception, implementation and roll-out of effective international marketing campaigns.

International marketing

  • Through hands-on experience of managing international and multi-cultural teams I can offer practical insights into effective management of location-based and virtual project teams.
  • Within leading international organisations such as SAP AG and SAS Institute I have led pioneering and innovative marketing projects. I have managed strategic marketing projects with six-figure budgets and multi-million dollar value.
internet marketing specialist Andrew Sanderson has international experience in online marketing

A rare combination of skills

  • I bring additional value to your online business development projects based on direct experience that includes both ‘marketing with words’ (positioning, copywriting, journalism, editing, PR) as well as ‘marketing with numbers’ (online marketing, CRM and Executive Information Systems).
  • Having worked for agencies as well as in-house teams, I have actively addressed business issues, marketing objectives, methods and practices from both sides.
  • I know online marketing from top to bottom. I can offer effective advice on business issues because I have hands-on experience of strategic marketing as well as practical experience of their implementation and execution.
  • I know online marketing from the bottom up. The online strategies and Best Practices that I have developed are based on insights from the consolidated results of more than 4.000 online projects.

Acknowledged expert

  • As a speaker at international conferences, my insights into internet marketing have twice been acknowledged by peers in online marketing with the Best Paper Award.
  • My expertise is recognised by my marketing peers. As an Internet marketing specialist I not only work directly with client organisations, but also support national and international agencies as their independent expert on strategic online business development.

Knowledge Transfer

  • While agencies are excellent at getting things done, only Knowledge Transfer to internal staff will enable your organisation to acquire new skills and become independently productive.

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