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Online Marketing Services for Business-to-Business organisations; for identifying and qualifying contacts; for demand and lead generation; and for improving the effective delivery of qualified leads to sales teams throughout the B-to-B selling cycle.


Online Marketing Services for national and international organisations

Ansaco offers four Services that enable B2B marketing managers to implement effective techniques for Online Business Development.

These services are designed to suit your company’s level of experience.
Most importantly, they can be scaled to your needs and your budget.
For downloads and details of these services, simply click on the headlines below.


For organisations that are not yet using professional eMail Marketing tools and techniques.

We will help you to:
  • select the email marketing system that is right for your company;
  • implement it to your corporate design standards and meet legal requirements;
  • work with you to define effective internal business processes;
  • train your staff so that they can run campaigns independently - and safely.


For organisations that already publish an eMail Newsletter and want to get more sales-oriented results.

We will help you to:
  • match the editorial plan to your marketing priorities and sales objectives;
  • identify and refine key target groups on the basis of customer behaviour;
  • use your eNewsletter to generate insights about your customer base;
  • generate qualified leads that marketers can pass on to sales teams.


For organisations that have moved beyond the eNewsletter and have already begun using online marketing techniques for demand management and lead generation.

If your goal is to integrate your online sales funnel with classic marketing techniques, we will help you to:
  • dentify additional opportunities in the online qualification funnel;
  • help you design and construct automated contact qualification processes;
  • optimise online demand management and lead generation methods;
  • help you to integrate your online marketing with your CRM.


For organisations that already use sophisticated online marketing techniques in combination with classic marketing methods of demand management and lead generation.

If you are now looking to optimise your business processes, we can help you by:
  • identifying relevant best practices and ideas from other industry sectors;
  • acting as your sparring partner in the development of new marketing campaigns;
  • addressing corporate and strategic issues such as customer acquisition, retention, loyalty or governance;
  • improve internal roll-out to subsidiaries and internal knowledge transfer.
Strategy Review
Ansaco offers
qualifying companies a free one-hour Review of the current status of your Online Marketing strategy.

Your advantages
• specific to your business
• identify new options
• evaluate their potential

At the end of your confidential discussion, you will receive a report with reccomendations.

How to get your report
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Ansaco Profile
Ansaco supports Business-to-Business organisations with consulting, coaching, training and knowledge transfer in Online Marketing.

We can show your Marketers how to develop effective and automated processes for identifying and qualifying contacts; for demand and lead generation; and for improving the effective delivery of qualified leads to sales teams throughout the B-to-B selling cycle.

Our Principal Consultant, Andrew Sanderson, has over 20 years experience of:
• B-to-B and the complex sale
• Communications strategy
• Campaign design and roll-out
• Internal processes and optimisation
• the Head Office role
• Supporting subsidiaries

From our offices in Heidelberg (Baden-Wurttemburg), Germany, we support clients in Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland and other countries in Europe.

To find out how Ansaco's international expertise and consulting services can help your organisation, please contact us today by telephone: +49 (0)6221 6568 475 or email: