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Ansaco offers free downloads on Marketing Strategy

Four White Papers are available for B2B Marketing and Sales Directors:
  • marketing and sales strategy issues
  • high-value with practical insights
  • particularly relevant for technical and 'hard-to-explain' products
  • based on experience with national and international organisations

This is what you get

  • PDF format, 4 to 6 pages each
  • Executive Summary & Report

1. Why Marketing Directors choose Direct Marketing

online marketing pdf download 1 "B2B marketing is in the process of a major transition:
from art to science.

The old view of marketing as a black box that generated uncertain results is no longer acceptable. B2B marketing today is expected to be measurable, accountable and transparent. And it is Marketing Directors themselves who are driving the transition of their own profession.

In this white paper we examine the drivers, the benefits and the implications of a marketing strategy that is centred on direct marketing techniques and why they are increasingly implemented via e-mail and Internet."

2. The Advantages of an Online Marketing Strategy

 online marketing pdf download 2 "Marketing Directors want to initiate a marketing strategy that is measurable, accountable and transparent. It makes sense to focus on direct marketing since these techniques provide a 'closed loop' in which, the customer response naturally feeds back to your company.

In this white paper we outline the benefits to internal business processes that accrue from combining e-mail and Internet.

We also describe thirteen potential uses that interactive, online direct marketing offers for B2B companies."

3. Key Issues when implementing Online Marketing

 online marketing pdf download 3 "What points does the Marketing Director of a business to business (B2B) company need to consider when implementing a marketing strategy that exploits the measurability, accountability and transparency of interactive, online direct marketing?

In this white paper we outline a number of ways to implement interactive online marketing – both as an independent activity and in conjunction with classic marketing media – and the respective benefits.

We also briefly outline key legal and internal issues."

4. Evaluating Systems for Online Marketing

 online marketing pdf download 4 "Marketing Directors choose direct marketing via e-mail and internet because they want marketing to be measurable, accountable and transparent.

In this white paper we examine: the key factors for selecting an online direct marketing system.

We also decribe the elements of a cost-benefit analysis that compares long-term value against Total Cost of Ownership."
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