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Tips for Internet, Email and Online marketing in B2B

You'll find lots of Marketing Tips at the Ansaco Best Practices Blog - practical Tips that can actually improve the effectiveness of your B2B email, internet and online marketing.

How do I know that these eMail Marketing Tips are any good?

Here are five reasons:
1 - they are the result of actual experience in the online world
2 - they have been written by internet experts and professional email marketers
3 - they have already been published in Blogs and on websites
4 - they represent the accumulated experience of internet Marketers from across the world
5 - they address ongoing issues in effective online communication

There are lots of Blogs - why this one?

We review each article that offers Tips and check it for real-life usability.

Having conducted over 4.000 eMail Marketing projects since 1999, we have gained rather a lot of experience in this field ourselves. So we know what issues professionals face on a daily basis. Though we review many, many articles, only a few actually make the grade. These are the ones we include in our Blog.

Our selection criteria are:
  • Clarity - does the article explain an issue in a way that is easy to understand?
  • Usability - does this article deliver practical Tips - solutions that the reader can use for themselves?
It's easy to find the information you need

The eMail Marketing Tips at the Ansaco Best Practices Blog are grouped by subject. They cover a wide range of subjects. For example: business processes, copywriting, CRM, data quality, deliverability, internet design, eNewsletters, frequency, Html, landing pages, Lead Generation, lists (and how to manage them), nurturing, online strategy, optimization, reporting, segmentation, SEO, and (last, but by no means least) Spam.

We grade each article according to the level of sophistication

There are many eMarketers who face daily battles with colleagues who simply don't understand what can be achieved with Online Marketing when it is applied strategically.

So it is important to be able to lead colleagues gently, getting them to experiment with small, manageable ideas first. This is why the Ansaco Best Practices Blog offers you Tips that are graded by level of experience in online marketing. So you can pick the ones that are most relevant for your company's current experience and needs.

We get directly to the point

In our Blog, we summarise the key points so that you can quickly decide which Tips are relevant for your needs.

Our blog is a Do-Follow Blog

Many Blogs today are blocking links with No-Follow tags to prevent invasion by people in search of back-links for their own SEO campaigns. However, we believe in giving credit where it is due. Especially when online marketing experts have shown they are willing to share the benefits of their experience with the rest of us. So, after reviewing an eMail Marketing Tip, we'll provide you with the link that gives direct access to the original article.

If you like the Tips in an article, please add a comment or Rank it as a way of thanking the original author.

Ansaco Profile
Ansaco supports Business-to-Business organisations with consulting, coaching, training and knowledge transfer in Online Marketing.

We can show your Marketers how to develop effective and automated processes for identifying and qualifying contacts; for demand and lead generation; and for improving the effective delivery of qualified leads to sales teams throughout the B-to-B selling cycle.

Our Principal Consultant, Andrew Sanderson, has over 20 years experience of:
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• Communications strategy
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• the Head Office role
• Supporting subsidiaries

From our offices in Heidelberg (Baden-Wurttemburg), Germany, we support clients in Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland and other countries in Europe.

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