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Online Marketing Strategy:
benefits for INTERNATIONAL organisations

By implementing an eMarketing system strategically, you get improvements in marketing across the whole company.

These advantages are expecially strong for organisations with:
  • multiple subsidiaries
  • separate divisions that are treated as profit centers
  • communication to multiple audiences, each handled by separate departments
    (e.g. future customers, existing customers, investors, press, analysts, internal)
online marketing strategies process

Consistent processes company-wide

the central marketing team has an opportunity to introduce consistent marketing processes across the whole company
online marketing strategies objective

Shared approach to objectives

consistent processes introduce a common language for discussing marketing strategies and campaign tactics
online marketing strategies implementation

Cost-effective implementation

the central marketing team can create campaign templates for local implementation by all subsidiaries world-wide
online marketing strategies scalability

Efficiency of scale

consistent methods, a shared vision and cost-effective implementation combine to deliver efficiencies of scale
online marketing strategies budget

Optimal use of budgets

re-use and for roll-out of campaigns to multiple offices maximises the impact of even small budgets
These benefits typically appear within the first year of implementing online marketing in a strategic manner.

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Ansaco Profile
Ansaco supports Business-to-Business organisations with consulting, coaching, training and knowledge transfer in Online Marketing.

We can show your Marketers how to develop effective and automated processes for identifying and qualifying contacts; for demand and lead generation; and for improving the effective delivery of qualified leads to sales teams throughout the B-to-B selling cycle.

Our Principal Consultant, Andrew Sanderson, has over 20 years experience of:
• B-to-B and the complex sale
• Communications strategy
• Campaign design and roll-out
• Internal processes and optimisation
• the Head Office role
• Supporting subsidiaries

From our offices in Heidelberg (Baden-Wurttemburg), Germany, we support clients in Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland and other countries in Europe.

To find out how Ansaco's international expertise and consulting services can help your organisation, please contact us today by telephone: +49 (0)6221 6568 475 or email: