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Online Marketing Strategy:
Benefits for TECHNICAL products

Yes, you can use online marketing effectively

Especially when your Product or Service is highly technical or hard-to-explain.

Of course you need your direct sales force to demonstrate value and close the sale. But what your sales team needs is pre-qualified contacts. And that's an activity that online marketing does far more cost-effectively than direct mail, telesales or face-to-face selling.

Here's what online marketing does for hard-to-explain products

It prepares the contact relationship so that they will welcome your sales professional's visit:
  • qualify the contact's interest
  • nurture the relationship
  • offer the support of your sales team
  • hand warm leads over to the next team in the value chain

The proof? We've done it many times before

... in hi-tech, biotech, B2B, you name it:
  • product launches
  • requests for product demonstrations
  • appointment setting for sales teams
  • individual appointments at trade shows
  • VIP and Board-level invitations

Not convinced?

Take a closer look at what your competitors are doing with online marketing.
Ansaco Profile
Ansaco supports Business-to-Business organisations with consulting, coaching, training and knowledge transfer in Online Marketing.

We can show your Marketers how to develop effective and automated processes for identifying and qualifying contacts; for demand and lead generation; and for improving the effective delivery of qualified leads to sales teams throughout the B-to-B selling cycle.

Our Principal Consultant, Andrew Sanderson, has over 20 years experience of:
• B-to-B and the complex sale
• Communications strategy
• Campaign design and roll-out
• Internal processes and optimisation
• the Head Office role
• Supporting subsidiaries

From our offices in Heidelberg (Baden-Wurttemburg), Germany, we support clients in Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland and other countries in Europe.

To find out how Ansaco's international expertise and consulting services can help your organisation, please contact us today by telephone: +49 (0)6221 6568 475 or email: