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Ansaco Go-to-Market Strategy Audit is a process for ensuring Product-Market Fit for the long-term.

Business landscapes constantly change, so maintaining Product-Market Fit is crucial to success. The Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy Audit offers a systematic approach. Explore the significance of regular strategy checks, the contributions of key departments, and a practical two-stage process. Ensure your GTM strategy evolves with the market, and continue to meet buyer needs effectively.

Ansaco Go to Market Strategy mind the gap

Go-to-Market strategies are key elements in business success. They require huge amounts of time and effort to produce, but suffer from two major issues. First they go out of date really fast. Second, they are difficult to update. In most companies, this is an issue that is left unresolved, so revenues suffer.

This article provides valuable insights on how to ensure the success of custom integration of data from Touchpoints on the Buyers Journey into CRM. It identifies specific steps that Marketers can use to maximize the value of their data and improve their business processes through custom integration with CRM.

In the ever-changing landscape of B2B Marketing, achieving better outcomes requires adaptability, employing effective B2B marketing techniques, and addressing changing needs. Continuously asking better questions and integrating these strategies into marketing approaches provide a competitive edge. It is crucial to start implementing these practices immediately to thrive in the dynamic world of marketing.

Discover the transformative approach of shifting marketing from project-based to process-oriented, as gleaned from the insights of a marketing expert. With a focus on repetition, time and effort, and value, Andrew Sanderson demonstrates how efficiency, consistency, and economic justification can lead to continual improvement and success.

Marketers actively look for a different way to view an issue, so they can ask fresh questions, get different answers and create innovative solutions. Key Performance Indicators are classic tool for doing exactly that. Here are thoughts on KPIs based on my marketing experiences across a range of industries, teams, processes and systems.

The Digitalisation of B2B Marketing appears to have run out of steam among German mid-size manufacturing organisations (the ‘Mittelstand’).* It may sounds like a regional issue, but it’s not; in fact, it’s symptomatic of a global trend. “Why?” is an interesting question. But it’s more useful to ask, “What to do about it?”. Executive Summary: […]

Ich liebe die DSGVO

On 10 October I’ll be leading a Workshop at the UX-Day Conference in Mannheim, Germany. The title is “How I learned to love the GDPR” (the upcoming European Privacy law which will impact all marketing by international organisations into the EU). We’ll kick off with a swift overview of the impact of this law for […]


Marketing Automation Implementation What should you be aware of? What are the best practices?

Case Studies

In this Ansaco interview, Marie-Therese Grüner tells why her current position building Marketing processes at SCHOTT Pharma is her “dream project”.

If your goal is to deliver quality results in B2B marketing, which should come first: marketing processes or marketing technology? Andi Catt has a very clear opinion, based on her experience as founder and Managing Director of The Call Business …

The Double Diamond model of the Innovation process can be mapped against the Buyers Journey to reveal Buying Intent

B2B Marketers apply the Buyer’s Journey in a serious attempt to understand a Prospect’s Buying Intent. But as it turns out, the model that engineers use for solving Design and Development challenges is called the Double Diamond. Mapping the Double Diamond against the Buyers Journey gives Marketing and Sales teams an even better way to understand what a Prospect is trying to achieve.

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