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This article provides valuable insights on how to ensure the success of custom integration of data from Touchpoints on the Buyers Journey into CRM. The first step is to identify specific business needs and goals, followed by developing a clear data mapping and integration plan. It is essential to evaluate and select appropriate integration tools and technologies, test the integration in a controlled environment, document systems and integration processes, train team members, monitor the integration regularly, and continuously evaluate its impact and make adjustments as needed. By following these steps, businesses can maximize the value of their data and improve their business processes through custom integration with CRM.

Learning how other professionals do their work has led me to try techniques from lots of other disciplines. And I’ve discovered that the majority can be applied to B2B Marketing with remarkable ease and great success.

This conversation with Dodo Husmann, Marketing Director at SCHOTT Pharma, explains the origins of one of my guiding principle for better B2B marketing …

Marketers actively look for a different way to view an issue, so they can ask fresh questions, get different answers and create innovative solutions. Key Performance Indicators are classic tool for doing exactly that. Here are thoughts on KPIs based on my marketing experiences across a range of industries, teams, processes and systems.

The Digitalisation of B2B Marketing appears to have run out of steam among German mid-size manufacturing organisations (the ‘Mittelstand’).* It may sounds like a regional issue, but it’s not; in fact, it’s symptomatic of a global trend. “Why?” is an interesting question. But it’s more useful to ask, “What to do about it?”. Executive Summary: […]

Ich liebe die DSGVO

On 10 October I’ll be leading a Workshop at the UX-Day Conference in Mannheim, Germany. The title is “How I learned to love the GDPR” (the upcoming European Privacy law which will impact all marketing by international organisations into the EU). We’ll kick off with a swift overview of the impact of this law for […]


Marketing Automation Implementation What should you be aware of? What are the best practices?

Case Studies

At the head office of SAP AG in Walldorf. Albert Denz, VP of global marketing asked me to provide marketing reports to support decision-making at quarterly Sales & Marketing meetings. It was the start of a five-year project …

Effective collaboration between Marketing and Sales can be a real headache for business managers but when it works, it delivers real benefits. This case study describes a high-tech B2B project that ran between 2021 and 2022.

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