Data Privacy Statement

About this website

Vistors to this website are invited to learn more about automated marketing methods and processes, and about our expertise and services. This website is designed to illustrate the principles of ‘closed loop marketing’: the information offered here is given freely, or in exchange for relevant information about the recipient. Ansaco uses this information to identify professionals and organisations who are interested in using our services.

Andrew Sanderson Consulting provides organisations with Consulting Services and Knowledge Transfer in online marketing. The business areas include: change management consulting, business process definition and organisation, the definition of criteria for selecting eMarketing systems, systems implementation consulting, emarketing communications strategies, campaign planning, the design and implementation of simple and multi-step campaigns, campaign measurement, evaluation and continuous improvement of emarketing activities.

General Terms

By using this site you agree to the conditions of use described in this Data Privacy statement. We will update this statement as required by changes in the law or business processes and practices. This latest version was reviewed and published in July 2017.


The webpages can be freely used without revealing your personal identity. We do use session cookies for the purpose of statistical analysis so that we can improve the website on an ongoing basis. If you wish to reject these or turn them off in your browser you can do so, though this may result in some functions no longer working as designed. The choice is yours.

Links to other websites

Ansaco is not responsible for the Data Privacy policies of other organisations. Ansaco can not be held liable for the content or data privacies of websites published by other organisations which are accessible via links on Ansaco web pages.


The information provided via these web pages has been researched and prepared with the greatest care and attention to detail. Nevertheless Ansaco can not guarantee the completeness, accuracy or timeliness of the information provided here. How you use the information on this website is your own responsibility.


The Ansaco website is designed and intended for a business audience that includes emarketing, marketing and sales professionals, industry analysts, journalists and university students. The Ansaco website is not intended for children under the age of 14 and Ansaco accepts no responsibility for the use of this website by legal persons under this age.


If you choose to register for information so that it can be sent to you (for example, by email) you will be invited to follow a simple double-opt-in procedure to confirm that you are entitled to use the email address that you provide.

Data Protection

Any information that you provide via the data capture fields on Ansaco webpages will be stored in accordance with international Data Privacy standards for security and access authorisation.

Personal Data

We collect, store and analyse personal data in the interests of our visitors; specifically to identify what subject are of interest or relevance to you. We encourage you to let us know via the ‘interest’ options on our registration page how much information you want, on what subjects and with what frequency so that you only receive the information that is relevant for your needs.

After receiving your opt-in, we will store and cross-reference against your email id any information that you provide via data entry fields. We also store and analyse click-through patterns.

Third Parties

The personal data that you provide about yourself to Ansaco will only be used by Ansaco. It will not be passed on to Third Parties without your prior permission. Ansaco will use your personal information to ensure that your requests for documents, pdfs, etc. are promptly implemented via automatic processes. It will also be used to identify additional information that is relevant to and compatible with your stated interests.

Please note that Ansaco sub-contractors such as our web- and eMarketing hosting partners are not Third Parties. They are bound by the same conditions as Ansaco and will not pass on your personal information without your prior permission.

Sensitive Data

Ansaco does not enquire after, collect or store so-called ‘sensitive data’ such as racial origin, ethnicity, religious or philosophical conviction, political opinion, membership of trade unions, etc.


If you have opted-in to receive information from the Ansaco website, you can opt-out again at any time. All Ansaco web pages and emarketing emails include links to the opt-page.

We have made this opt-out process as simple as we can – you will not be asked to provide a password to opt-out. You will however be asked to verify your opt-out by clicking on a link in a confirmation email. We have decided on this method in your interest – it ensures that your email id can not be mis-used by others. After receiving your confirmation to opt-out, all personal and transaction data is deleted. What remains in the database is your email id with two notes: ‘opted out on this date’ and ‘not to be contacted in future’.

Right to be forgotten

If you want us to delete all your data from the database, please send an email to Please note that if all your data is deleted and you return to the Ansaco website, the system will treat you as a new visitor.


All copyright in the Ansaco webpages belongs to Ansaco. Reproduction in whole or in part, translation, storage in any electronic media without prior permission in writing is strictly forbidden.

Computer Viruses

Ansaco has compiled these webpages with maximum care to ensure that they are virus-free. Nevertheless, we can provide can no guarantees and take no responsibility regarding computer viruses. If you are concerned about viruses please make your own arrangements such as installing suitable anti-virus software on your computer.