When Product-Market Fit becomes a Gap

With constantly evolving markets, plus internal shifts, any GTM Strategy can quickly become outdated.

And although managers recognise the need to update the GTM, practical challenges like access to resources and collaboration between teams often leave these crucial revisions incomplete.

How to identify root causes and fix them

The Ansaco GTM Strategy Audit is a marketing strategy service for international B2B companies, designed specifically to keep the GTM in synch with reality.

The service brings together professionals from Business Development, Product Management, Marketing and Marcomms and Sales to:

  • validate the status of the Go-to-Market strategy.
  • verify Product-Market Fit.
  • identify issues that need to be fixed.
  • define the timetable for corrective actions.

The GTM Strategy Audit provides an independent review of your Go-to-Market strategy, and the Gap Analysis provides a fast track to improving marketing effectiveness.

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