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Making CRM Integration Work

This article provides valuable insights on how to ensure the success of custom integration of data from Touchpoints on the Buyers Journey into CRM. The first step is to identify specific business needs and goals, followed by developing a clear data mapping and integration plan. It is essential to evaluate and select appropriate integration tools and technologies, test the integration in a controlled environment, document systems and integration processes, train team members, monitor the integration regularly, and continuously evaluate its impact and make adjustments as needed. By following these steps, businesses can maximize the value of their data and improve their business processes through custom integration with CRM.

Andrew Sanderson, Online Marketing Expert, Ansaco

Andrew Sanderson
Principal Consultant, Ansaco.

About the Author

Having done numerous projects, using a variety of technologies, I’m able to guide businesses and coach marketing teams who want to succeed with Marketing Automation.

Just like a mountain guide in the Alps, I accompany organisations en route, from planning, through execution, to celebration.

As a consultant, I advise business managers on their choice of project, how it supports their business strategy, and definition of the success criteria.

As a project manager or team member, I work with marketers to explore the options and define the best choices. As an Online Marketer, I coach the team in best practices.

As an IAPP Certified International Privacy Manager, I alert marketers, privacy experts and the legal team to the hidden dangers of the new EU privacy laws, and show them how to reach their objective safely.

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Andrew Sanderson beitrag Marketing Sales Automation herausgeber Hannig verlag Springer 2017

Marketing und Sales Automation:

Basics – Tools – Implementation. Everything you need to know

July 2017, Publisher: Uwe Hannig.

  • First and only book on marketing and sales automation
  • Content based and optimized for implementation: written by practitioners for practitioners
  • Concrete support for the introduction of marketing and sales automation in the company

This (German language) book clarifies the term “marketing and sales automation” and shows concretely, how the tools developed for it are implemented and successfully used in practice. Practitioners describe how to get started in the automation of recurring processes in marketing and sales. The experts report on their experiences, give tips and assistance.

Chapter 6: Marketing Automation leads to process optimization by Andrew Sanderson.


An essential goal of management is to optimize the use of resources. The automation of repetitive tasks and processes in marketing and sales saves time and money. Employees become process administrators and gradually gain more time for the redesign of existing processes or the creation of completely new processes through marketing automation.

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