Three Good Reason Why …

Ich liebe die DSGVO

On 10 October I’ll be leading a Workshop at the UX-Day Conference in Mannheim, Germany.

The title is “How I learned to love the GDPR” (the upcoming European Privacy law which will impact all marketing by international organisations into the EU).

We’ll kick off with a swift overview of the impact of this law for B2B Marketers, which then leads into an exploration of six functional areas where Marketers can really benefit from professional UX-Design.

After that we’ll open it up for discussion and best practice sharing.

And the three reasons to love GDPR?

  1. All digital projects that collect and process customer data are urgent, because they have to be compliant by May 2018.
  2. The penalties for ignoring the laws are so high that these projects get the attention of the Top Management team.
  3. Which also means that reasonable resource and budget requests will be a whole lot more affordable than the penalties for non-compliance.

PS – The workshop will be in German … but let me know if you want a version of the presentation in English.